Cut Flower Listing

Ask us about our certified organic edible flowers to use in drinks, decorate cakes & h’ordeuvres platters etc.

AGERATUM Blue Horizon Periwinkle Blue Late July-Sept
AMARANTH Emerald Tassels/ Hot Biscuits/ Love-Lies-Bleeding/ Red Spike Dark Red/Copper Light Green/ Deep Fuschia August-Sept
QUEEN ANNE’S LACE Dara/Green Mist/White Dill Burgundy/Green/White August-Sept
ASTER King Size Apricot/ Lady Coral
Lavender/Tower Chamois
Apricot/Lavender/Pink/Purple/ Soft Yellow August
BELLS OF IRELAND Bells Of Ireland Lime Green Late July-
BUPLEURUM Green Gold Green Gold August
CALENDULA Orange Button Orange August-Sept
CELOSIA Celway/Chief/Cramers/Neo/Plume Carmine/Burgundy/Orange/ Persimmon/Yellow August-Sept
FORGET ME-NOT Chinese Blue June-Early July
COSMOS Double Click Cranberry/ Pink/White Late July-Sept
CRASPEDIA Sun Ball Mustard Yellow August-Sept
KALE,ORNAMENTAL Crane Pink/Red/White Sept
DAHLIAS Ball & Waterlilly Shape Blush/Burgundy/ Orange/ Peach/ White/ Yellow + More Late July– Sept
DIANTHUS Amazon Neon Purple/Rose Magic July-Sept
DIDISCUS Lacy Pink/Lavender Blue/White Late July-Sept
FEVERFEW Magic Single/ Virgo Soft Yellow/White July- Sept
GRASSES Lime Light Millet/Feather Top/ Explosion Grass Lime Green/Off White/Green July-Sept
GOMPHRENA Qis/Strawberry Fields Carmine/White/Red/Purple August-Sept
LARKSPUR Galilee Mixture Pink/Purple/White July
LISIANTHUS Arena/ Echo/ Mariachi Baby Pink/Gold/ Purple/white/ pink/soft yellow July-August
RUDBECKIA Chim Chiminee/Cherokee Sunset/ Indian Summer/Prairie Sun Yellow-Brown July-Sept
SCABIOSA Pincushion Series/Star Flower Burgundy+Mix August-Sept
SNAPDRAGON Costa/Madame Butterfly/Rocket Mix Color Mid June-
Mid August
STATICE Seeker Series Apricot/Purple/White/Lavender July-Sept
STOCK Iron Series Apricot/Pink/Purple/ Soft Yellow /White Late June-
STRAWFLOWER Strawflower Apricot/Blush/Burgundy/Vintage White Late July-Sept
SUNFLOWER Pro Cut/Sonja/Soraya Orange/White/Bi-color Mid July-Sept
ZINNIA Queen Series Lime Red/Lime With Blush/ Lime Orange Late July-Sept
ZINNIA Benarys Giant Series Yellow/ Salmon/Wine Orange/ Red/Pink/Coral Late July-Sept
CRESS Persian Light Green Late July-Sept
DUSTY MILLER New Look Whitish-Grey Late July-
early October
EUCALYPTUS Lemon Bush/Silver Dollar Grey-green Sept-October
EUPHORBIA Mountain Snow White & Sage Green Varigated Late July-
HOSTA Leaves Green June-July
LAMBS EAR Grey-Green Late June-
MINT Mountain Green July-August
ROSEMARY Bouquets/Boutineers/Napkins July-Sept
Apricot & Lemon Leaves Green August-Sept
SOLOMEN SEAL False Green July-Sept
ECHINACEA Cheyenne Spirit Mix Color August-Sept
LILACS Old Fashion Purple/White May
PEONIES Doubles White/Pink/Burgundy-Red June-Early
FOXGLOVE Camelot Series White/Pink/Deep Pink July- Sept
YARROW Mix Pink Shades July
DELPHINIUMS Magic Fountain/Belladonna White/Blue/Purple Mid June-July
& Sept
FALSE SUNFLOWER Golden Yellow July-Sept
PHLOX Pink/White July
SUCCULENTS Many Varieties All Year